Christmas at Hoskins

Mamie lived in the Hoskins housing co-op on Victoria Street in Sarnia for many years. She lived in at least 3 different apartments in that time and I remember her admiring each one for different reasons. The last one she was in had a great view of the park behind the library and her balcony was a lot of fun to sit on and people watch. Or squirrel watch. Mom had a weird thing for squirrels.

Anyways, my main memories in the Hoskins centre around Christmas parties with pretty much all the Lynds-Bruno clan who could make it. Mamie would reserve the common room on the first floor for the day and she would cook a bunch of stuff in her apartment and the shared kitchen. There would always be tons of food, gifts, laughs, and love. For me, returning from university in either London or Montreal, this was how I got to see my nieces and nephews for the most part. I would return for Christmas and see everybody, but sometimes in summer would miss out on seeing a bunch of people. At the time I didn’t realize it, but Mom made sure I got to see everybody. It was almost like she was my agent making sure I said hi to everyone in the room at least once.

There are many pictures floating around of those years with the kids, but for some reason this is my fave at the moment. Most important here is that Mamie would shop all year for that one day. As I wasn’t around for most of the year, I always marveled at how mom could shop for so many people and it always felt so balanced. And I have no idea what any of those kids remember. Sure would be good to hear from some of them (wink, wink)

What are your memories of Hoskins?


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