Mamie and the Tea Pot

When Mamie suddenly entered Trillium Villa a couple of years ago, most of her stuff from her apartment had to be gotten rid of. It’s always an interesting question in these situations of what we take to remember someone by. Apparently she thought I would like a tea pot – and she was right. It’s a faux art deco design that holds itself just on the cool side of kitsch. I loved it and my only concern was that we were flying it back to PEI and how to make sure it didn’t get broken.

But it did make it and we use it regularly, as evidenced in this video that Sundi took as a camera test some months ago. It may seem an odd choice to include this somewhat candid moment, but somehow I thought Mamie would like it.

When I just came across it in a folder, I thought it was the view I have sat at a lot and has the same things in it that I described to her during phone conversations or on Skype.

She never did get to see our PEI home in person (we did a few video chats and she saw lots of pictures) and she often asked about our cat, beast – I can’t be certain, but I think the first time she saw a pic of him she said – “Isn’t that something?”

So here is a short candid video from our living room.

With music by “Breakfast in Fur”

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