Sunday Chats with Mamie

Pretty much every Sunday since I moved to PEI almost 4 years ago, mom and I would have a phone chat. I asked her at some point early on if she would mind me recording our conversations and she said she didn’t care, which I thought was great.

When she was still living in an apartment, our conversations would usually be somewhere in the 15 to 30 minute range, depending on what was happening. She was quite into recalling stories of her early childhood or the early years with all her sons. It was a lot of fun for me as I got to ask questions and learn about things that I had either forgotten or never knew in the first place.

I have a bunch of these recordings of her and I, but I haven’t really started mining them yet. They are scattered over different hard drives and computers and eventually I will make a push and start publishing them.

Its strange to start listening and choosing which pieces to keep. For those of you who have had the displeasure of talking to me on the phone, you will know that I often have long pauses for thoughts and such. This must have been frustrating for her, but I think I got better.

For those of you who talked to mom on the phone often as well, you will recall how she just randomly decided to end the phone call.

Here is a prime example of that in action. This is from May 19th 2013.

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