Isn’t That Something? OR Mamie Gets a New Car

After mom passed, I called some relatives in Nova Scotia. They recalled that, how Mom’s last trip down to see them, she drove a green Ford Focus that she raved about. She had that car for several years and was very happy with it.

Over the past week I have had a couple dreams with Mamie in them. I don’t remember many of the things she said in the dreams, but I totally remember one of the things she frequently said when she was surprised: “Isn’t that something?”

She says that a few times in this video, which was found on an old video tape from 2004.

The setup: we were in Sudbury visiting after we were married, and Mamie was up there as well. (It was a great few days there). On one of the days, we all tricked mom into thinking we were picking up a truck for Paul’s business. As you can tell from her reactions, she had no idea what was about to happen.

There’s tons of other footage, but I thought I would make a quick edit of the moment she got the car and maybe edit some other parts together later.



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  1. Love this! Made me tear up seeing Grandma so happy. I remember her saying ” isn’t that something” when I’d show her videos on my phone, or during our conversations. Miss you Grandma xoxo!

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