Weathered Response

We always talked about the weather. Small talk, yes, but mom always seemed to understand the importance of what weather affords. When weather was nice it was celebrated and activity outside was encouraged. At times like they are today, in PEI, Mamie would tell me just stay home and stay safe.

One of the worst winters I ever remember was when we lived in Earltown, Nova Scotia. There are pictures, somewhere, of me standing beside snow banks that tower over me. That is the winter I recall as the most snow I have ever been a part of. That all changed over the last few days. Today the snow drifts in front of my house are taller than I am. Now. The Earl Town winter was when I was 10 and probably 5’5″. Those snow mountains right now must be over 6′ because I was throwing that way over my head at points.

Over this past week I have often wondered what mom would say about the storm here. I have also wondered if anyone out there remembers Mamie ever using a shovel. Or, even better, if they have a picture and/or stories to accompany Mamie’s shovel-ness.

As I always post a picture, this week I thought I’d go with this cool one of her taken at the Hoskins Co-op.


2 Replies to “Weathered Response”

  1. Great picture of Mamie…..I have been showing the Memories of Mamie to Mom. We are enjoying them, sad and happy all at the same time. Sad to know that she is no longer here to share her wisdom and crack her jokes but happy to have had her in our lives to love and be loved. Going through pictures last night on my iPad and had quite a meltdown, missing everyone who has left my life, what a whirlwind of emotion…..

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