Under the Bridge

Over all the years I used to visit Mamie in Sarnia, one of the things I loved doing the most with her was going for fish & chips, and/or fries. If we (Sundi and I) were visiting for several days, we would wait for the nicest and brightest day to go down to either Purdy’s for fish & chips, or to one of the french fry trucks under the bridge.

Mom always made a point of paying for us on these outings, and sometimes we would crown this off with some great ice cream in Point Edward. Although she was specific with the fish and/or chips, she would be kind of random with her choice of ice cream. I remember her one time getting some weird pink-blue-purple-red-ish thing with a weird name.

“I just thought I’d try it”, she said.

Mom was this weird balance of wanting stability and occasionally just taking something random – whatever it was.

I am curious, as I know she loved going under the bridge with others, who out there went with mom for fish & chips or just fries with mom over the years. If you’re reading this and have a story, please do leave a comment or send me your story, and if you have a pic – send it too 🙂

Here we are under the bridge in the Summer of 2004.


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